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Intelligent Social Sharing Tools.

Track return on investment when your users share on social media.
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Does your business publish content on the web? Use our intelligent social plugins and enable users to share your content on Facebook and Twitter.



Create custom goals like new subscribers or advertisement clicks. Sit back and revel in how your social influencers share your site's content to meet these goals.



See actionable insights into your social communities top performers. SocialRest ranks your top influencers in real-time according to their impact on your brand.



Gather insights into the top performing content and social influencers. Develop targeted and smarter strategies around the content your business publishes.

Next Level Social Analytics.

Better-user Better for You

Gain access to powerful social analytics. These go far beyond what is available through traditional social plugins. This makes your business smarter by enabling strategic social planning and the ability to benchmark your social success.


Better-users Better for Users

Social integration plugins easily connect users with their favorite social network to give them a rich and engaging experience. This makes your users happy and more engaged.

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